Corporate Entertainment!

Wether it is a staff party, your annual sales event, a product presentation or a trade show, Arnaud will enhance your event with some magic. Arnaud's show can be fully tailored to your company's needs.
In a humorous manner, actual company topics can be touched upon:
  • Was you most recent budget exercise a challenge? Arnaud will have a magic routine to make that fun!
  • Have you recently gone through a lengthy rebranding? Arnaud shows how that can be simplified!
  •  Is a new CEO appointed? Arnaud will show you how these selection processes work!
  • Do you as a supplier wish to celebrate the purchase of your product: Give Arnaud as launch-gift to your customer!
  • Add a bit of magic to your Brunch/Dinner!
Your events will be memorable!

Arnaud will make your company event something to remember!

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