DevOPS Deceptions!

KANBAN Board for your IT event




  • Looking for something different for our next event
  • Look for something linked to our event but let it be fun!
  • Let's NOT invite that dull speaker  from last year
  • Browsing Arnaud's Magic website
  • Looking at his new DEVOPS Deceptions Magic act
  • Let's see if we could have one of our sponsors sponsor this act!!
  • Booked Arnaud!
  • Block Arnaud for next year!

What is this?

For many years Arnaud combined his passion for Magic with his profession in IT. He finally has combined these two in a brand-new show that will light up your next IT event. This 25-minute act is themed around DevOPS, Cloud, Big Data and/or Artificial Intelligence, touching upon:

  • Containerization
  • Big Data
  • Cyber Security defect tactics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • How BizDevOPS maintain their identity
  • Demonstrate Virtual Reality
  • Explain how LAN Networking works and what is a spanning tree loop

A fun intermission during a long day fullof powerpoint presentations. 

Arnaud accepts invitations for events from all over the world!

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