one-man shows!

november 2017 - Show 3 - art of magic!

Arnaud's most recent show was titled 'The Art of Magic'. In this show he paid homage to the various types of magic that exist.
Due to the increasing demand, the show was moved to a larger Theatre 'The Junction' in Al Quoz in Dubai. It can seat 160 people!
Again a full house!
It was rewarding to see more 'strangers' decided to buy a ticket for the show.
Next editions of this show are planned for July 2018 and October 2018!
Here the Trailer of this show:

october 2016 - Show 2 - Far Out!

After the success of the first show Arnaud  continued with another one around the same theme.
Again at the Courtyard Playhouse .
Again a full house!
The idea of having people to buy a ticket and come and see you is so encouraging that Arnaud continued the journey and decided to develop another show.

May 2016 - Show 1 - Far Out!

In May 2016 a life-long dream came true when Arnaud did my first full evening show at the Courtyard Playhouse Theatre in Dubai.
A Full house! 70 people in the audience with great feedback what encouraged him to continue this journey!
It took me 6 months to fully prepare for this show.
The theme of the show was to give honor to those magicians that inspired Arnaud in magic:
  • Tommy Wonder
  • Fred Kaps
  • Richard Ross
  • Juan Tamariz
  • David Berglas 

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