Who is Arnaud?

Arnaud has been performing magic since the age of 10. He started giving shows in his garage (with his sister selling lemonade), and quickly got bitten by the magic bug when he joined a magic club. He started to win various prizes.
Worth mentioning are:
  • His selection as Magician Of the Year in the Netherlands by his peer magicians
  • Performance for the royal family in the Netherlands
  • Multiple  sold-out one-man shows in Dubai 
Professionally Arnaud has held various management positions in IT in various countries. He lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and now in Dubai.
Arnaud's performance style is characterized by his high sense of humor combined with strong magic and strong audience interaction.
Most recently Arnaud launched a new show titled ' DevOPS deceptions'. In this show he combines his  Magic skills with his in-depth IT knowledge. The show is aimed to spice-up long IT conferences about DevOPS, Cloud, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence. 25 minutes of high-energy IT Entertainment!

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